Lad says Tier 4 restrictions are a ‘touch’ as he doesn’t have to see mum-in-law

A man has managed to find a "positive" in the doom and gloom surrounding new Tier 4 restrictions – as he no longer has to visit his mother-in-law.

With the government’s latest lockdown, millions of people living in London and the South East will no longer be able to visit relatives for Christmas.

Many have understandably been left heartbroken at the new restrictions, which have been brought in to try and curb the rapid spread of a new coronavirus variant.

But it appears not everyone is too sad about being stuck at home over the festive period.

Appearing on BBC News yesterday (December 21), one bloke from Thurrock, Essex, said: “Bit of a touch really because I was meant to be going to our mother-in-law's.

“But I ain’t gotta go now so it’s a right touch.”

And his hilarious response to the new lockdown has left the internet in stitches.

Initially shared to Twitter by eagle-eyed viewer Dan Jones, the clip has been seen more than 400,000 times in less than a day.

“I’m so glad someone filmed this, I was creasing when I saw it,” one wrote.

Another commented: “I spat my spag bol out man, bet he’s been telling that one at the pub and saw his opportunity.”

A third added: “Matey is in for an awkward family Xmas call this week.”

While a fourth said: “Peak Thurrock. His expression at the end made me quite homesick.”

The government had planned to relax coronavirus restrictions and social distancing over the festive period to allow up to three households to gather inside.

But the new variant of the virus, which is thought to spread far easier than previous ones, saw Boris Johnson make yet another U-turn last week.

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