Lag moans as Gary Glitter’s old prison serves ‘chicken smelling like road-kill’

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    An angry prisoner housed at one of the UK's most notorious prisons has vented his frustration at being given less-than top quality food.

    HMP High Down is a category C prison in Surrey, and is formerly the home of disgraced singer Gary Glitter, drug smuggling cricketer Chris Lewis and footballer Josh Payne who sent 12 months there for actual bodily harm and common assault.

    But one inmate, known only as Adam N, has taken to the in-house prison news outlet called Inside Time to claim he is very unhappy with the food, and that criminals should not be given “rotten food”.

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    He wrote: “The food in this prison is terrible and quite possibly dangerous.

    “Here at High Down staff think it is okay that we are given rotten food.

    “Just a few examples – chicken that smells and looks like road-kill, eggs that are green, cheese that is speckled with mould.

    “When I asked an officer how she would feel if she was given rotten food in the staff mess, she replied: ‘That’s different, because I am an officer and you are an inmate.’

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    “So basically saying that because I have been convicted of a crime it is okay for me to be given rotten food.

    “Criminal or not, we should not be treated as if we are worthless.”

    He is not alone in venting his anger, as Hannah W, who is serving time at HMP Eastwood Park has complained of “raw” rice and “stale bread”.

    The prison where she can be found is the former home of Shauna Hoare who was convicted of manslaughter against Becky Watts, 16, in February 2015.

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    Hannah wrote: “The veg is never fresh, only frozen, and not much of a choice – carrots and sweetcorn. “We have had the same menu on a 4-week rotation for the past two years.

    “The portions are small yet the amount of waste they throw away in the kitchen every day is alarming.

    “Food has been an issue here for years, even the IMB, healthcare and staff agree – yet still nothing is ever done.”

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