Landlord installs 8 CCTVs in flat as students fumed ‘we’re in a Big Brother den’

A group of university students were left raging when they realised their landlord was spying on them after installing eight security cameras in the house. 

Nathan Thomas, Daniel Delaney and Ameya Tidke and five other tenants rented the property in Queensland, Australia, and shortly after they signed their lease, they found out the homeowner had installed the cameras without their permission.

Speaking on TV programme A Current Affair, they claimed the landlord told them he had scheduled an electrician to come to the property but didn't explain in details.

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Daniel welcomes the host and jokingly introduces: "Welcome to Big Brother! This is the first camera, alright?

"And we've got more inside, so come on in."

As soon as the crew step into the living room, Daniel points out a small web cam in the ceiling, explaining: "So that's the second camera right over there in the living room."

The group proceeds to the kitchen and his housemate says: "There we have one more camera that looks at us when we are cooking our food.

"It's very, very uncomfortable to see somebody's watching you like that – that really just never goes away and it's kind of disturbing."

The group said they only have their privacy in their rooms but "no matter where we go, we're being watched".

They contacted their landlord but were given two options – either breaking the lease for a hefty fee or living with one or two cameras less.

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Daniel told A Current Affair: "Nothing will make it better except throwing all the cameras away."

The students decided to reach out to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland and Residential Tenancies Authority after complaining to Hive Student Accommodation, who claimed the landlord had "the best intentions at heart".

The landlord has now agreed to remove all cameras from inside the home.


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