Locals blast ‘Ibiza-like’ neighbourhood with ‘middle class drunks having sex’

Residents of a London estate have said they’ve had no say over the rowdy crowds that descend on the area to participate in the ‘Bermondsey Beer Mile’ on weekends.

Arnold Estate has a front row view of the railway arches which house multiple breweries stretching from London Bridge station to Millwall's football stadium.

In recent years the route has become a drinking strip, cutting through the residential area, with drinkers attempting to booze at all the pubs and breweries spots along the beer mile.

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However, the result has been a wave of unsavoury behaviour on the doorsteps of local residents.

Long-time local resident Lauri Locatelli told MyLondon: “It’s like living beside the strip in Ibiza and we didn’t ask for it.”

Locatelli has started a petition demanding Southwark council to take action, as the authority continues to grant alcohol licences to pubs, despite local noise complaints.

She added: “I feel asleep on the sofa on the day of the Queen’s funeral. I woke up and the noise was like a football match. I was thinking ‘what is that?’

"So I got my dog and took her for a walk. The amount of people there was unbelievable. I couldn’t understand how that council could give all these licences allowing people to drink outside.”

However, noise is not the only issue for concerned local residents as some drinkers have been using the family estate for X-rate activities.

Fellow resident Jane O’Brien also told how she that she encountered children witnessing two drinkers having sex in the refuse area of the estate.

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“It was broad daylight and I saw two children looking into the bin room.

“I asked them what they were looking at, then I saw there were two people having sex in the bin room.

“I told them: ‘Get your clothes on, there are kids watching. It was disgusting behaviour, I believe children are precious and need to be protected.”

In response to the concerns, a spokesperson from The Metropolitan Police said: “We are aware of concern in the area and will always do our best to act when residents report incidents to us.

“Our neighbourhood policing teams actively patrol residential areas and engage with the community to deter antisocial behaviour.”

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