London snow warning: Met Office issues snow alert with weather chaos to hit south tomorrow

The Met Office issued its most recent warning on Wednesday, shortly after snow and ice warnings for much of the UK expired. Now, another bitter spell will see much of southern England blanketed in snow.

The warning is in place between midnight and 12pm on Thursday.

The Met Office said that “sleet and snow are expected to cause some travel disruption”.

The warning stretches in a band from Wales, across London and over Norwich.

The heaviest snow will be seen across hills and mountains, but London is expected to see a morning dusting.


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The Met Office said: “Rain and hill snow will move eastwards late Wednesday evening and during the early hours of Thursday.”

According to the forecast, snow is expected over hills and mountains in Wales as well as the Cotswolds and Chilterns.

In southern Wales, up to two inches (5cm) of snow is likely, mainly above 200 metres.

The Met Office said: “Away from hills, rain may turn to sleet and snow for a time over parts of the Midlands, East Anglia and the northern Home Counties.

“Accumulations at these low-levels will be mostly small, especially on roads, but a centimetre or so is possible in one or two places.”

By the afternoon, any snow which settled in London should have thawed.

The Met Office said: “Rain, sleet and snow will quickly clear southeastwards by late morning and any snow at lower levels will soon thaw.”

Other forecasters are showing snowfall in the capital city, too.


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As you can see on the map above, up to five centimetres of snow is expected to fall over the next five days.

While this isn’t expected to settle, it could lead to slippery surfaces, and those affected should keep an eye on warnings.

While London is expecting a dusting, other parts of the UK are also under warnings which could be more widespread.

The Met Office is forecasting temperatures “to fall below freezing” for much of the nation as the week rolls on.

Chief Meteorologist Frank Saunders said: “On Wednesday, don’t be surprised to see some snow falling even in Wales and the south, although again most of any lying snow will be over hills.”

Showers in the south will often be accompanied by strong winds, while there is a risk of overnight ice across the north and west.

The Scottish Highlands will, as usual, see the heaviest snowfall and greatest accumulations.

Showers in the south will often be accompanied by strong winds, while there is a risk of overnight ice across the north and west.

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