Lord Lucan’s brother claims fugitive was living abroad as a Buddhist

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    Killer aristocrat Lord Lucan was believed to have died some time in 1974 after murdering his family’s nanny in a mistaken attempt on his wife’s life.

    But now, in the wake of news that an elderly man living in Australia is an “exact” facial match for the missing peer, it has emerged that Lord Lucan’s brother knew that he was living under an assumed name in Australia.

    This week marks the 48th anniversary of the death of the Lucans’ nanny, Sandra Rivett.

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    Shortly after she was killed the flamboyant aristocrat’s Ford Corsair was later found abandoned in the channel port of Newhaven.

    There were smears of blood in the vehicle’s interior and its boot containing a piece of bandaged lead pipe similar to one found at the crime scene.

    Bizarrely, there were also three cards from detective board game Cluedo left in the car, which seemed to be a coded reference to Rivett’s murder.

    Lord Lucan was long presumed to have died in the 1970s, with a leading theory being that he had boarded a ferry at Newhaven and thrown himself overboard in the English Channel.

    However, leading computer scientist Professor Hassan Ugail has used an artificial intelligence algorithm to run 4,000 cross-checks of seven photos – four of Lucan and three of an un-named pensioner living in Australia.

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    Rivett’s son Neil Berriman says Professor Ugail’s findings are hard evidence that the killer is still at large: “I’ve spent nine years trying to prove this man is Lucan. Now, with this new scientific information, the police must act.

    “This isn’t emotion,” he told the Daily Mirror. “It’s fact.”

    The Metropolitan Police say they had asked colleagues in Australia to investigate the identity of the pensioner identified by Professor Ugail, but they ruled out any possibility that he was Lord Lucan.

    Neil Berriman is not convinced however and said: “I just don’t believe they carried out any extensive inquiries. They have never shown me any evidence whatsoever. The Met have simply made Australian Police the scapegoats.

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    “Professor Ugail is a scientist – his algorithm has never been wrong before.

    “The facial recognition technology says the photos are the same man. This new development means they need to go back to this man. How have they ruled him out?

    “My mother was murdered and deserves justice. This man has to be questioned and arrested now.”

    And now, in the wake of Professor Ugail’s findings, comes a bombshell revelation from the playboy aristocrat’s brother, Hugh Bingham.

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    Bingham, who died in 2018, had shortly before his death revealed details of his brother’s escape in an off-the-record chat with journalist Glen Campbell.

    The bombshell claim came as he was being interviewed in South Africa in 2014 for BBC1 news investigation programme Inside Out.

    After the interview had ended, Bingham asked: “Is that camera turned off?”

    After being assured it was, Lord Lucan's brother confided: “Do you want to know what really happened?”

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    “My brother did get out of England alive and I know he was living under some sort of alias. I still don’t know how he managed to get away. But I do know my brother would never have committed suicide.

    “He completely rejected his former lifestyle and adopted a simpler, more reflective life following a Buddhist belief system. I’d heard he moved down through India, living in hostels and refuges run by people of similar beliefs.”

    Just a few days before Bingham died, personal papers and notes for a book that he had been writing about his notorious brother were collected by a team of New York lawyers.

    Campbell contacted the lawyers, but met a wall of silence – with what was contained in those documents remains a mystery.


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