Loveland Fire saves horse stuck in frozen pond

Buddy, a Loveland horse, who wandered overnight into a frozen pond rested under a blanket Saturday morning after rescuers used a crane to pull him out of the mud and ice.

Firefighters also ran a duct under the blanket to blow warm air on the Appaloosa after the frozen water and cold air took its toll. By 11 a.m., Buddy was walking around his pasture and appeared to be on his way to a full recovery.

“He’s shivering under this big blanket we’ve got,” said Michael Cerovski, division chief with Loveland Fire Rescue Authority. “That’s a good sign. If you’re shivering, you’ve still got energy.”

Buddy’s owner called for help around 7:45 a.m. after finding the horse standing in the pond and not moving, Cerovski said. It was unknown how long Buddy had been in the water, which had an inch-thick layer of ice on top. His hooves had sunk into the muddy bottom.

About 15 Loveland firefighters, a crew from Thompson Valley EMS and a crane truck crew from Loveland Water and Power responded. The power crew used the crane to hoist Buddy after rescuers determined he was losing energy and couldn’t walk himself out of the water with their help, Cerovski said.

“We can’t really drag him,” Cerovski said. “He was standing there looking like he was going to fall over so we used the crane.”

Loveland Fire Rescue trains to rescue large animals from various predicaments, Cerovski said. On Saturday, they had high hopes that Buddy would survive his night in the ice.

“I think right now he’s just a really cold horse,” he said. “Hopefully, he recovers.”

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