Man mocks motorists queuing for petrol by rocking up to station on a horse

A man has mocked motorists queuing for petrol by singing and riding his horse past them.

In a video that's gone viral on TikTok, the rider sings to motorists as he trots past the long line of cars.

He can be heard singing: “Queuing for petrol. Queuing for petrol. Queuing for petrol but I’m on a horse. I’m on a horse. I’m on a horse, I don’t need petrol, cos he runs on carrots ”.

The video quickly went viral, attracting more than 652,000 likes, more than 9,000 comments and nearly 63,000 shares.

And his stunt sparked some funny responses.

One person said: “How much horsepower has that thing got?”.

“All fun and games until there is a carrot shortage,” another joked.

A third said: “At least the kiddies stuck in the car got free entertainment. Good one”.

However, not everyone saw the funny side of the joke, with some annoyed drivers posting how they would have "revved their engine".

The fuel crisis has been sparked by a shortage of HGV drivers, which in turn created supply issues to some petrol stations, sparking a near week-long surge in panic buying.

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Several fuel stations have now introduced a maximum £30 fuel limit, as the government pleads with motorists to return to their normal habits.

One woman was slammed after attempting to sell fuel on Facebook for more than four times the price you pay at the pump.

The account shared a snap of two green cans onto the Greater Manchester Facebook group of Marple, Romiley and Bredbury Community Facebook page this morning on Monday (September 27).

It was captioned: "10L e10 petrol. Collection from Romiley. £50 Ono. Cans not included but can fill up on collection."

The post, which included a photo of two green petrol cans, attracted several 'angry' and 'shocked' Facebook reactions.

Officers from North Wales Police also issued a statement urging drivers not to obstruct roads to queue for fuel as reassurances are made about supply.

The force also issued reassurance about supply levels across the region.

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