Man screams in terror after his two cats fail to catch a mouse in house

A cat owner left his daughter in hysterics when he tried to show his cats how to catch a mouse.

Jasmine Vaughan filmed her father giving his best attempt to capture the rodent with a tea towel inside their house.

The hilarious clip shows the big mouse running amok in the corridor where his two cats sit still to watch the drama unfold.

The owner arms himself with a medium-sized tea towel and tries to block the animal from running into other rooms.

While one of his dark-coloured cat appears to help out, the moggie moves around and gives space for the mouse to escape.

The cat decides to sit at the corner and watches its owner to catch the mouse.

Jasmine's father yells: "Urgh! It's huge. F***ing hell. F***ing huge."

He tried to pick it up and drops it on the carpet the next second as he lets out of a scream.

For a second attempt, he tries to shove the mouse back to the corner with the towel in a bid to let his cats to catch it.

Another cat joins and seems to giving its owner a hand as it chases the mouse around in circles.

The clip has been viewed more than 1 million times and viewers were left in stitches.

One said: "I love how the cats are just watching, like the dude needs better game."

Another added: "Your cats are broken."

"You had him and threw him," a third wrote. "Cat's like 'nope not today, let him live'."

A viewer said the man screamed like "his soul was leaving his body".

"The screams and laughter were very infectious," another commented. "Keep the mouse and sack the cats."

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