Man talks down huge grizzly bear in calm voice as tourists watch in fear

A man has kept his fellow tourists out of danger by talking down to a huge grizzly bear that came out on their walking trail.

Cara Siciliano, 44, was one of the travellers in the group that visited the Katmai Park in Alaska and she filmed the incredible moment her seaplane captain keeping the beast calm.

In the footage, the massive Alaskan Grizzly saunters past them as they stay out of the road and let the seaplane captain "do the talking".

The pilot is heard speaking in a calming voice: "Hey, big boy. Hey big boy."

Some of the tourists are visibly scared while others take out their phones to film the rare moment.

The bear pants as it walks down the road and when it gets to a signpost with an image of a bear looking back at it, it decides to turn around and walk back past the group again.

"Hey there," the man continues while keeping the situation under control.

Cara, who lives in Florida, said: "I was travelling with two other couples and my seaplane captain when we shot this video in Katmai Park in Alaska.

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"Honestly, I am amazed I did not seem more scared, my first reaction was to look up at the sky and make sure that I was good with God, and to pray, and then I hit record on my phone."

She explained that the reason the bear was breathing heavily was that it had been fighting with another bear, which was briefly visible at the start of her footage, a short while previously.

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Cara praised the seaplane captain for his calm which had kept everybody doing the right thing.

"My seaplane captain said he walked that trail 1,000 times and has never seen anything like it!" she added.

Bear experts said that the small group had followed exactly the National Park Service's (NPS) protocols, by not screaming or running, and an older man in the group had calmly spoken to make it clear to the bear that they meant it no harm.

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