Man wakes from coma as ‘horrific’ dream saw him work for Tesco in ‘crappy van’

A cancer sufferer who woke up from an 11-day induced coma has revealed he had one long horrific dream – where he was 'forced to be a Tesco delivery driver with a really crap van.'

52-year-old Paul Luttrell was put on a ventilator after he contracted Covid and wasn't expected to survive.

But after defying all odds and recovering, he has now revealed a unique insight into a continuous delirium that came with being comatose.

The ex-builder said he is still struggling to process what he experienced after he was 'kidnapped' by a gang and feared for his life at every moment.

Part of his delirious 'torture' involved him being made to work as a 'slave' and deliver food for Tesco to earn his captors money.

He even 'dreamed' he was given a rusty old van to work in.

The father-of-five was tragically diagnosed with myeloma, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow which three years ago that destroyed his kidneys.

He was taken ill from Covid during a regular dialysis session.

He said he doesn't remember anything else until coming around three weeks later.

He spent a total of 11 days in the coma and described the whole experience as 'surreal.'

He said: "It was pretty hellish. I did not get to see my family or say goodbye and was put in an induced coma for 11 days.

"I remember the dreams so clearly – like crystal.

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"I had been kidnapped by a gang in London who put a hood over my head, chucked me in a car and then took me to a garage. It was a really wet floor but they ripped my shirt and used a defibrillator to try and torture me.

"They then made me get a job as a Tesco delivery driver but I had to give all my money and wages to them. I only had this crappy van doors hanging off the back but I had to get on with it and earn more money to give straight to them.

"The leader of the gang was a dwarf who kept demanding 'I want more money.' I then also started selling acid tabs. It was all so bizarre I don't know where it all came from. But I was hallucinating and could not escape.

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"They wanted me to look after a prostitute. I remember what she looks like and every thing. My job was to protect her from guys getting too frisky with her."

Paul has needed help with a physio and phycologist since he came out. He has also had to teach himself to eat and walk again.

Dalma, Paul's wife. added: "I have been ready to say goodbye to my husband for about three years now.

"When he caught coronavirus this summer, I thought he wasn’t coming home because they say if you have underlying conditions it hits you harder.

"The doctors said he was a miracle."

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