Manitoba RCMP say 5 people have died on snowmobiles this year

Snowmobiling can be a lot of fun, but it can also be dangerous.

Manitoba RCMP say five people have died in snowmobile crashes so far this year.

Alan Butler, the president of Snoman Manitoba, said there are three main causes of snowmobile crashes: the operator was going too fast, the operator was under the influence of alcohol, or the operator was driving beyond their abilities.

“I don’t necessarily blame the machines,” said Butler. “It’s just riding beyond the capabilities, not understanding the speed they’re going, and not being able to handle the conditions they’re in at the time.”

The snowmobile season is starting to wind down as we head into March, but Butler stresses that the last portion of the season can often be the most dangerous.

“We’re going to be running into water situations before long,” said Butler. “With the lack of snow, riders need to be very careful because it’s going to become very hazardous very quickly.”

Snoman Manitoba represents some 20,000 members in the province.

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