Mass 80-person pub brawl breaks out – police called after punters glassed

Cops were called to a huge brawl at a bar involving 80 people.

Reports say an "altercation" broke out at around 10.30pm on Saturday with customers attacking each other.

During the fight, at The Talbot bar in Chorley, Lancashire. three people were "seriously assaulted" using pub glasses.

Police and paramedics were pictured outside the pub following the incident. which police say involved 80 people.

An appeal has now been made for witnesses to come forward.

Cops are seeking video footage from anyone who may have filmed the fight. on their mobile phones.

Officers hope this will allow them to identify anyone involved in the brawl.

A police spokesman told LancsLive: "At approximately 22:30hrs on Saturday, 15th May 2021 an altercation occurred involving around 80 people at The Talbot on Balshaw Lane in Euxton. During this incident, three people were seriously assaulted with glassware.

"If you have any information or mobile phone footage etc. that could help identify the offenders please contact us by dialing 101."

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The Daily Star reported how another bar was the focus of a fight in the Stoke-on-Trent area.

The Noah, in Hartshill, was one of many which reopened in April with strict rules about service after months of lockdown

But bosses of the bar slammed punters who "think it's okay to not wear a mask inside, don't understand why more than six people on a table is an issue, and some even think they are exempt due to medical issues (yet don't carry an inhaler)".

And locals complained on social media about "uncontrollable mayhem outside", "crowds standing with drinks in their hands without masks," "letting too many people into the beer garden", and "people being served while standing".

One customer at the bar reported the "massive fight" at the venue on April 24.

The boozer shut its doors on April 30, with a rant left for some customers, less than three weeks after it was allowed to reopen.

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