Mathematician warns world is at risk of being obliterated – because of five men

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    The war in Ukraine has brought the world closer to nuclear war than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, an expert has warned.

    Mathematician and financier Eric Weinstein says most people aren’t taking the threat seriously enough, despite the current risk of a nuclear conflict standing "somewhere between 1% and 5%". "One thing that I've learned is that if the odds aren't over 50%, a giant percentage of the population thinks it's unlikely," he said. "They don't weight against what we're talking about."

    Eric, who earned a Phd from Harvard University before turning his back on academia, says that the world we know is at risk of being “obliterated by the choices of what I take to be five relatively undistinguished human beings; Putin, Biden, Zelenskyy, Xi, and Kim in North Korea”.

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    In 2019, Weinstein actually suggested a public demonstration of a fusion bomb, as most people haven’t grasped the scale of destruction modern weapons can cause. “I was calling for return to rare above ground atmospheric nuclear tests,” he told podcaster Brian Keating.

    “I don't believe that – in their absence – human beings will actually do the computation of what we're talking about.” He says that humanity reached a turning point in the mid 1950s, when within the space of a few years we learned how to manipulate the secrets of the atom and the structure of DNA

    “Those innovations made humans capable of their own extinction, by just fiddling around with power that we don't know how to control.” While that led to some short-term concerns about the threat of nuclear annihilation, most people these days have let themselves become distracted by the accelerating pace of modern life. “Nobody's paying attention. We are sleepwalking to Armageddon,” he said.

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    “We're having the most irrelevant discussions,” he said, adding that most people see the war in Ukraine as something like a soap opera and not as a world-ending threat “as long as it looks like house-to-house fighting and as long as Zelenskyy is telegenic”.

    But he says the war in Ukraine is something much deadlier than media reports suggest: “The World War Two order has now broken,” he says. “The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is unprecedented in the 21st century nut it is very well precedented in the 20th.

    “The thing that was holding everything together is now broken and we're living through something that is akin to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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