McDonald’s drive-through workers unfazed as woman appears at window riding horse

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A woman was spotted riding through a McDonald's drive-through on a horse to order a meal.

Dad-of-three Simon White saw the hilarious moment while stopping to eat at his local McDonald's in Caerphilly, Wales on December 2.

The 46-year-old took photos of the bizarre sight as the woman in a mustard puffer jacket and riding boots sitting on a white horse and joining the line as though nothing is out of the ordinary.

She holds her purse in her hand, ready to pay for her snack, and then pays for her food while perched on her horse, Mirror reports.

The animal seems to not be phased and waits for her to finish patiently, and the two ride off after the staff members give her her meal.

Speaking today, Simon a vehicle parts constructor, said: "I was on my way home from collecting my little one from school when we stopped by for something to eat.

"We were sitting there waiting for our food when she came round the corner.

"I couldn't believe it – the horse was very well-behaved though and she got served no problem, before riding off.

"A few of the kids who were sitting inside came out to take pictures and cheer her as they thought it was great.

He added: She was served and rode off. Then I passed her on the road where she was eating the burger.

"My son loved it, it really made his day – he was laughing so much.

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"I thought it was really funny as well – it's something you just can't imagine seeing unless you live in the Welsh valleys."

Simon shared the images to social media with the caption 'Well I've seen it all now…only in the Valleys,' and it has since received a lot of attention by amused internet users.

One person, Johnny Springsteen said: "I wonder what the brake power is on that!"

Mark Barber said: "Neigh gherkins."

Dav Doc said: "Horses are at drive-thrus all the time – the only problem is they normally end up becoming the burgers themselves."

Ben English said: "Probably just wants a chicken Mc-neigh-get meal…"

And Shane Matthews simply added: "Wow, awesome. Love this."

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