Meghan Markle ‘can get book published if she wants’ because of royal identity

Meghan Markle had an advantage in publishing a book over other authors due to her royal identity, a royal expert has claimed.

The Duchess of Sussex announced the release of a new children's book called The Bench, which revolves bout the special relationship between a father and son.

Her first picture book is scheduled to go on sale on June 8 but is already sold out during pre-order on Amazon.

She explained that the book started as a poem she wrote for her husband Prince Harry on Father’s Day, the month after their son Archie was born.

Pod Save the Queen host Ann Gripper discussed Meghan's debut book with Daily Mirror's royal editor Russell Myers in the latest episode and they felt the book release was something "out of the blue".

Ann hinted other children's book authors might have struggled to sign a book deal with the publishers but not Meghan.

She said: "The number of people who have probably tried to write children's books and get themselves published and all that kind of thing, you know once you are the Duchess of Sussex and you can just get a book published, pretty much if you want to.

"So I thought that was interesting. I kind of felt for those people."

The host also mentioned that some of the authors also experienced difficulties in bringing non-white representation in children's books.

"This one [interview] with Floella Benjamin, who was a children's presenter back in the time, she was talking about how she had been fighting better representation on screen of non-white faces from the 1970s.

"There was another author, who I have never heard of, Humza Arshad who has a new book Little Bad Man and the Radioactive Samosa, fantastic name for a book.

"I think the stat was like only 1% of children's books had any non-white representation, I'm sure this representativeness, increasing that would be a good thing.

"Oh well, I guess it's great being a duchess, doors open for you, lovely."

Meghan's book was said to have taken ideas from another children's publication – The Boy and The Bench – but author Corrinne Averiss denied the similarities between the two books.

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