Meghan Markle’s posh coffee brand booms as fans tell haters to ‘suck it’

Meghan Markle has appeared in a promotional video for a coffee brand on social media in what may be her first appearance since Prince Harry released his bombshell memoir Spare.

Appearing in an advertisement for a coffee company she is an investor in, she cut a relaxed figure dressed in jeans and a and trench coat.

The new promo video was posted on Instagram for the brand Clevr Blends, thought to be one of the first investments she made after stepping down as a working royal in early 2020.

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The video shows founder Hannah Mendoza introducing the brand and welcoming Meghan while the pair sip coffee, but it is unknown when the footage was filmed..

Hannah says in the advert: "Three years ago, everything changed. None other than Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, had started drinking our lattes.

"Not only did she love the product but she was extremely passionate about female founders and sustainable sourcing.

"Meghan ended up becoming our first investor, advisor and biggest Clevr advocate."

Fans of Meghan were quick to praise the video, with scores commenting on Instagram.

"Amazing story and great to see women supporting women" one user wrote.

Another said: "It's awesome to see you doing so well. Love Meghan."

One commenter added: "And for all those MM haters out there….suck it."

The Duchess of Sussex has previously sent the coffee to her friends in high places, including Oprah .

"She even sent our tumeric latte to friends. A few days later, I open my phone to see Oprah herself making our superlatte in our kitchen," Hannah said.

When she originally invested in the company, it was reported that the duchess irked the palace by enlisting Oprah to promote the brand.

A royal source said at the time: "It is hard to see how emojis apparently trading on royal connections is respecting the values of the Royal Family."

The coffee start up was a tiny fledgling business in 2016 but since Meghan's endorsement, it has exploded in popularity, much to the delight of her fans.

The Duchess's real life appearance follows her satirical portrayal on South Park, where thinly veiled characters appearing to represent her and Harry went around the world on a so-called 'privacy tour', in a swipe at the couple's perceived double standards.

There had been rumours that the pair were looking to sue the cartoon's creators, but the pair confirmed that this was not the case.

As King Charles' coronation approaches, it remains unclear whether the Sussex's will be in attendance.

Harry's many revelations in his book have damaged his relationship with many of the royal's inner circle, not least his brother Prince William who Harry claimed once physically assaulted him in an altercation over Meghan.

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