Melania Trump ‘unhappiest woman in the world’? Unsmiling FLOTUS sends Twitter into frenzy

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First Lady Melania Trump and President Donald Trump travelled to Saint John Paul II’s National Shrine in Washington on Tuesday. The pair took multiple photos at the Catholic monument during their visit. However, a brief interaction between President Trump and Melania sent eagle-eyed viewers into a frenzy.

The President appeared to tell Melania to smile during the photo shoot rather than look straight-faced, according to some viewers.

The First Lady almost managed a grin before grimacing and returning to a look of discomfort while the President beamed.

Many viewers were quick to take to social media to comment on the bizarre interaction between the two.

One Twitter user wrote: “I have never seen less chemistry between two people.

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“Look at the body language between the two of them vs. the body language between Jill and Joe Biden or Barack and Michelle Obama.”

Another added: “She does not look happy at all… she couldn’t even fake it.”

While another agreed and wrote: “She tried to muster up a smile but it’s hard to hide misery.”

Other viewers were more concerned with the healthiness of the relationship between President Trump and Melania.

A concerned social media user wrote: “Melania looks like the unhappiest woman in the world.

“No matter that she’s surrounded by wealth and power, none of this matters.”

Another added: “What is under those glasses?

“She can’t even force herself to smile.

“I think something is going on in the White House and it didn’t just start this morning.”

While another commented: “Melania Trump looks miserable.

“Girl, you still got it and deserve better than to be hunkered down with Bunker Boy Donnie being forced to smile.

“You didn’t sign up for this, leave him.”

Another remarked: “FLOTUS looks like she has trouble breathing, let alone smiling.

“The most depressing, unhappy-looking presidential couple ever.”

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