Melissa Caddick mystery: Missing fraudster’s husband refuses to accept police findings, says his ‘suspect list is long’

The husband of missing Australian conwoman Melissa Caddick says his “suspect list is long” after claiming he believes she was murdered during a bombshell interview.

Caddick’s decomposed foot washed up on a remote NSW south coast beach in February, three months after she disappeared. The rest of her body was never found.

The multimillion-dollar fraudster vanished two days after her home was raided by Australia’s corporate authority as the scale of her astonishing Ponzi scheme began to emerge.

Her husband Anthony Koletti told 7 NEWS Spotlight he has cried every day since her disappearance, which police believe was likely a suicide.

In a preview released ahead of The Vanishing, to air on Australia’s Channel 7 tonight, he told the programme it would make sense to him that Caddick was murdered.

“My suspect list is long,” he said.

“If it came out, if the police came to me and said ‘Melissa was murdered’, I’d be like ‘it makes sense’.

“I don’t believe that she committed suicide. Her love for her son, myself, her family, friends was far beyond that.

“I suppose I grieve every day, you know? I’ve come from never shedding a tear in my life, to shedding a tear every single day for a year.”

Caddick swindled members of the public out of almost A$25 million, including from her closest friends and family.

She painted herself as a genius financial planner who would spin their savings into gold.

But instead of investing the money her victims gave her, she took the cash and spent it on herself and her luxury lifestyle.

It all came crashing down in the days before her mystery disappearance after the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) launched an investigation.

Her husband and 15-year-old son were left behind when Caddick went missing.

Koletti told 7 News Spotlight he “can’t keep silent any longer” about his belief she did not die by suicide.

“It’s time for the truth to come out,” he said. “No one vanishes. I don’t think it’s an accident, at all.”

The preview of Sunday night’s Spotlight special shows journalist Michael Usher has not shied away from asking Koletti tough questions – putting to the grieving husband: “Did you murder your wife?”

Police have never suspected Koletti of any wrongdoing and there is no suggestion he had any knowledge of or involvement in Caddick’s dodgy dealings.

Koletti was the last person to see Caddick alive and has not spoken to media until now.

He maintains he was in the dark about the missing millions and his wife’s massive fraud.

Usher described the interview as “quite uncomfortable”.

“Believe it or not, he [Koletti] is still desperately in love with Melissa,” he said.

“He misses her, extremely. He has lost his wife. Has he quite got his head around what is happening?

“Trying to understand Melissa Caddick’s personality is confusing.”

There’s no suggestion Koletti or his family had anything to do with Caddick’s fraud.

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