Met Office identifies when new ‘Beast From The East’ snow could blast UK

The Met Office has given its verdict on when Beast From the East-esque snow could blast the UK, as temperatures are set to plunge.

The famous storm hit the UK back in 2018 and caused travel chaos due to heavy snow, and Brits have been worried about its return ever since.

The Met Office has confirmed a Sudden Stratospheric Warning (SSW) event is coming – the same weather phenonmemom that proceeded 2018's snow blast – and have said Brits will experience a "distinctly wintry feel" next week, with "very cold air" set to take hold.

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Deputy chief meteorologist at the Met Office, Chris Almond, said: "Although we've moved into meteorological Spring there will be a distinctly wintry feel to our weather next week.

"Very cold air will spread across the UK bringing snow showers even to sea level in the north on Monday and these snow showers could spread further south on Tuesday.

"With freezing overnight temperatures and the risk of ice it is likely weather warnings will be issued for Monday and Tuesday once the detail of potential impacts becomes clearer, so keep an eye on the Met Office forecast."

These conditions will see snow arrive next week, according to the Met Office, with March set to be one of the coldest in recent memory.

The Met Office has also identified where will see the most snow, although freezing conditions are expected "across the UK"

A spokesperson said: "The UK will get colder later this weekend with a northerly airmass dropping temperatures and introducing snow to the forecast next week.

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"Through the end of the week and into the weekend high pressure will continue to drive a relatively benign spell of weather. Much of the UK will be under cloud cover, with the best of any sunny spells in the west.

"There will be some scattered showers, with snow falling over the tops of the Scottish mountains.

"The area of high pressure currently located over Scotland will move away to the West at the start of next week, allowing a northerly airflow to sweep across the UK.

"The introduction of an arctic maritime airmass will bring snow showers to Scotland, Northern Ireland and along the East coast of England from Monday.

"The snow showers will predominantly impact northern and eastern areas; however it will be cold across the UK, with widespread freezing conditions overnight."

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