Mia Khalifa dubbed ‘stupidest’ after filming herself smoking while driving 60mph

Mia Khalifa has been slammed after filming herself smoking while driving at over 60mph.

The former adult actress, 30, is currently in France where she has been attending fashion shows. It comes after similar visits to Italy and the UK.

Yesterday (Tuesday, September 26) she took to Instagram to share a number of photos and videos from her travels with her 27.5 million followers. But one video in particular sparked a major backlash.

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In it, Mia is filming herself while driving along a French country road. The speedometer shows the car is travelling at over 100kmph (62mph). She has just one hand in the steering wheel, and with that same hand she is holding a cigarette. It appears to be cannabis rather than tobacco.

People in the comments section were not happy with her. One said: "Smoking weed while driving that speed with only one hand on the steering wheel is the stupidest flex I’ve ever seen on the internet."

A second said: "Smoking weed while driving is not the vibe, girl." While a third said: "Drugs, speeding and using your phone whilst driving and putting it on the internet is just…wow."

Smoking a cigarette or vaping while driving is not illegal in France, although doing so can get you a fine if it causes you to drive in an irresponsible manner. Possession and use of cannabis is illegal, although some cannabis-derived products are allowed for medicinal purposes. Using a phone (even hands-free) while driving is illegal.

It comes after Mia shocked staff at a McDonald's in rural France after turning up at the drive-thru. She shared footage of the moment on Instagram, with servers lining up at the hatch to take selfies with her.

However, she revealed that despite their enthusiasm they declined one of her culinary requests. She wrote over the video: "I did not get any extra free sauce, they have integrity at the Chamonix branch."

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