Moment thug graffitis ‘dog killer’ onto OAP’s car before ripping down wall

An elderly couple are terrified after a yob has started targeting their home and even scrawled "dog killer" on their car.

Lynn and Harry Heard's vehicle was vandalised with red spray paint while parked outside of their property on Leamington Grove, Ormesby in Middlesbrough.

CCTV shows a thug approach the car in the middle of the night and then bend down out of sight behind it.

The first vandalism happened on April 18 and the second occurred just days later, Gazette Live reports.

Now the couple believe they are being "tortured" because their front gate and wall were also "ripped down" on April 25 at around 12.10 am.

Lynn, 68, and Harry, 81, have lived in their home for over 25 years but are now living in fear of what will happen next.

Granddaughter Saskia Heard told the couple "don't know what they're going to come out to" when they wake up every day.

She stated that her granddad has never harmed an animal so she is unaware why "dog killer" has been painted onto the cars.

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Saskia said the incidents are making her nana, who works as a cleaner, "ill with anxiety" and left her grandad "scared".

"Who would want to torture an elderly couple it's disgusting," she said.

The couple has had to pay £200 excess on the vehicles for the repairs.

Their granddaughter told how the car is their only way of getting out of the house due to poor mobility.

Saskia added: "Their mortgage is all paid off so it's their time to relax now.

"They daren't even go away because they're worried what's going to happen to the house."

Cleveland Police confirmed enquiries are ongoing into the incidents.

A spokesperson said: "I can confirm that all three incidents have been reported to police and enquiries are ongoing."

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