Moment tube passengers jump to woman’s defence after thug tries to attack her

Terrifying video emerged of a man hurling abuse at a woman on an underground train before commuters jump in to stop him in a sick assault.

The incident, which took place on Friday evening, happened on an eastbound central line train in London.

In the short clip shared on Twitter, a man in blue T-shirt is seen yelling at a woman across several seats' distance and says: "Oh you think you're going to hide behind the fact you are a woman?

"Come step to me, step to me. I dare you, I f***ing dare you."

While the woman's response is inaudible, she is seen smiling at him while other passengers sit and watch the chaos unfold.

"Oh I'm such a horrible man because I said I'd smack you in your mouth. Don't f*****g smile," the man shouts.

At one point, the man rushes towards the woman when she says: "If you call me a c***, then I will call you a c***."

He corners her to the perspex partition and she puts her hand out to push him away.

Passengers quickly step into the woman's defence and run up to separate the man from the woman.

They bring him to the floor and some are keen kicking him.

Viewers said the video was alarming when they saw the passengers stepping in when the man became aggressive.

One said: "This is terrifying and beyond disgusting. Kudos to the girl for standing up for herself! Strong girl. Just so sad she needs to be here."

A second wrote: "If the other lads had been like… 'Cool it mate, you've said your bit', it would never have intensified.

"He was always outnumbered, he relied on the fact nobody would intervene, take his confidence away."

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A British Transport Police spokesperson said: "We are aware of this video that is being circulated on social media and our officers are looking into it further.

"We're asking anyone with further details to text us on 61016 with the reference 681 of 16/10/21.

"Violence, abuse, intimidation, and harassment against women and girls in any form will not be tolerated.

"It's really important that people who witness incidents like this report them to us as quickly as possible so we can investigate as quickly as possible."

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