Moment two planes dramatically collide on tarmac in shocking video

Drama at Palma Airport as two planes collide on tarmac

Tourists were shocked when two packed planes crashed into each other at a Mallorcan airport on Tuesday morning.

Both planes were damaged in the crash at 9am which left one aircraft with its wingtip hanging off.

Following the crash at Palma airport, debris was scattered all over the runway as the airports emergency services rushed to the scene of the accident.

The crash reportedly occurred when an Air Europa plane was arriving at the terminal and collided with a Condor plane that was waiting to take off.

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No-one was injured in the slow speed crash and the daily operation of Palma airport was left unaffected.

Passengers on board the Air Europa plane were able to disembark shortly after the crash.

One of the passengers on board the Condor plane travelling from Palma to Frankfurt described what happened after the accident.

They said: “We heard a loud noise from the plane braking before impact.

“Emergency teams have immediately come to examine the plane and they have asked us passengers to wait inside the cabin before being transferred by bus to the terminal.”

The plane had been scheduled to leave Palma at 9.15am, but was delayed until 10.30am because of the damage. Meanwhile, the Air Europa plane had just arrived from Barcelona.

Sources from the airport authority reportedly said the collision will be analysed by the Civil Aviation Accident and Incident Investigation Commission.

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