Montreal continues to find ways to repair potholes efficiently

The City of Montreal has taken advantage of the warm weather over the past few days to repair potholes in the arterial network.

The boroughs are continuing to work on the local networks to ensure the safety and mobility of all road network users.

Each year, nearly 200,000 potholes are plugged in Montreal. The city is using specialized equipment and designated routes to ensure the job gets done efficiently.

“There’s a lot of potholes because we did have big swings of temperature in the last days and is this why we are not losing our time, we are trying to fill as many potholes as we can,” says city spokesperson Philippe Sabourin.

Over the last three years, the number of potholes needing to be filled in Montreal has decreased. In 2017, 203,956 potholes were filled, and in 2018, the number decreased to 199,019.

In 2019, the number dropped further to 174 856.

In January alone, the city filled 22,443 potholes.

“With all the construction work done, we now have 40 per cent of our main roads in good condition, and on those roads, you will not find any potholes,” said Sabourin.

Although the city has been doing a better job repairing potholes, Sabourin said it isn’t a long-term solution.

“Fixing the potholes is a short-term solution, it’s like a Band-Aid. The real solution for potholes is fresh pavement.”

Citizens are invited to call 311 or report the potholes online to help the city carry out its operations.

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