Mum decapitated by son who thought he was Jesus ‘destroying devil inside of her’

A mother was killed and cut into pieces by her mentally ill son after she failed in her attempt to have him sectioned.

Wieslawa Mierzejeska, 59 was killed by her son Ernest Grusza, 41, after his symptoms began to worsen and he stabbed her with a meat cleaver during an episode of bipolar disorder.

Grusza dismembered his mother into 11 pieces before wrapping the body parts in clingfilm to store in both the fridge and cupboard of their flat in St Ives, Cambridgeshire.

When police arrived at the scene in February this year, they found Grusza brandishing a bat and the meat cleaver in his hands.

He unarmed himself to show police officers his mother’s severed head and proceeded to unwrap it.

Grusza had no previous convictions but told a psychiatrist he was following a God-given order to destroy a devil inside his mother.

He believed he was "Jesus Christ" and that he would have the ability to bring his mother back to life if he dismembered her.

Grusza believed if he poured holy water and blood on her body parts, she would be resurrected.

A jury at Cambridge Crown Court found Grusza not guilty of murder by reason of insanity.

However, the judge brought up how authorities had repeatedly ignored the mother's pleas for help with her son after his mental health had gotten much worse in January.

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The judge said in a written ruling: "His mother attempted to have him sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and sought help for him from a variety of sources, the GP, the police, social services and first response services.

"Tragically, nobody provided the help that she tried to obtain, and she was usually told either to call 111, 999 or that there was nothing that could be done.

"At one point the defendant was taken to hospital and given a brain scan. However, and even though he had nowhere to live from February 14 2021, he was released from hospital."

The judge will hear from psychiatrists at the sentencing hearing on Tuesday.

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