Mum-of-3 ‘shoots man dad after he and girlfriend refuse to kiss her’

A mum-of-three allegedly shot a man dead after he and his girlfriend refused to kiss her, it has been reported.

Claudia Resendiz-Florez, 28, had just moved in with James P. Jones, 29, and his girlfriend in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, USA.

The trio had been drinking when Resendiz-Florez asked Jones for a kiss, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Jones refused and kissed his girlfriend instead. The accused killer then asked Jones's girlfriend for a kiss, who also declined the request, it is claimed.

When Resendiz-Flores demanded again that Jones kiss her and he refused again, she became infuriated, grabbing Jones's gun and pointing it at the victim.

Prosecutors say Jones tried to lower the gun when he saw that she had pulled the safety off, but she was able to raise her arms and shoot him once in the chest, it has been alleged.

Jones's girlfriend called 911 who arrived on the scene and found the gun.

Resendiz-Florez was identified as the shooter and taken into police custody. It has been reported that she has confessed to the shooting.

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The mum-of-three has been charged with murder, according to the Rolling Meadows Police Department.

An attorney for the accused, Assistant Public Defender Courtney Smallwood, argued that her client was not living with the couple at the time but with her family in nearby Des Plaines, about nine miles away.

Resendiz-Flores is married, but separated from her husband, and is the sole caregiver for her three young children, Smallwood said.

Judge John F. Lyke Jr. ordered Resendiz-Flores to be held without bail. She is expected to appear in court again tomorrow (Tuesday, October 18).

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