Mum’s desperate dash for son and cats after house ‘collapsed’ in the night

A mum who was forced to escape a collapsing building with her two-year-old son has spoken out about the "panic" she went into when she heard "banging" at her door.

Jess B who lives on Hertford Road, Enfield woke up to police "banging" at her door at 3am on May 10.

She told MyLondon officers informed her she and her son had to leave immediately because "the building might collapse" in on them.

The 22-year-old said she immediately went into "panic mode" and "grabbed her son" and ran out of the house, and the building next to her home, a shop, later came away from itself.

Jess said everyone who had been evacuated was "in shock" and tried to figure out where they where going to go until the building had been secured.

She said: "At 5am, the police were banging on my door. I woke up to banging, banging, banging," the mum said.

"The first instance they said, we need to get out because the building might collapse. I was in panic mode, I grabbed my son and ran out.

"The whole building was evacuated.

"They said the supporting wall had been compromised. If that was at risk then the whole building could have come down.

"We could have been squashed."

Jess said some her neighbours even had their dogs and kittens with them, something she realised she had forgotten in the rush.

Fortunately, firefighters watched on to make sure the situation wasn't going to get worse and let her back in the building to grab them before she rushed out.

She said: "Once we were out, I kept saying I had cats and kittens in there and said I need to get them if it was going to collapse.

"The firefighters kept watch to make sure it wasn't going to get worst and they let me go in.

"I was really quick. I grabbed them and came back out."

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A spokesperson for the London Fire Brigade told My London: "Firefighters were called to a wall and windows in a precarious position at a shop with flats above on Hertford Road in Edmonton this morning (Monday).

"Four people were removed from the building and a cordon was put in place as a precaution.

"The Brigade was called 2.47am and the incident was over for firefighters by 5.22am. One fire engine from Edmonton Fire Station was at the scene."

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