Near-dead cow springs to life at mention of slaughter after being hit by a car

A near-dead cow has sprung to life when it heard someone said "let’s slaughter it" after being hit by a car.

The incident took place on the Karabuk-Eskipazar highway near the town of Karabuk in the north-western Turkish province of the same name when the cow left a nearby field and attempted to cross the busy road.

Video taken by drivers at the scene shows the black and white cow lying motionlessly in the middle of the road.

The damaged car is seen parked to the side of the road as the driver walks back to check on the animal.

Nearby drivers also stop their cars and get out to drag the beast off the tarmac.

When an onlooker says “let's slaughter the cow”, the animal appears to have come back to life and blinks its eyes before springing to its feet within seconds.

It then ambles into the nearby field.

The video cut when the cameraperson films the front of the badly-dented car that hit the cow moments before.

Meanwhile, a clever dog in China waited patiently by a crossing until the light turned green.

The stray dog was captured in a video which it was seen sitting on the roadside to wait for the traffic lights to change from red to green.

Viewers were impressed and said the canine behaved better than pedestrians.

In the US, a kind-hearted woman carried a sick swan onto a subway train after she noticed the injured bird sitting alone in the grass in a New York city park.

Onlookers spotted her carrying the 17lb bird and decided to give her and the swan a ride to Howard Beach train station.

She rode the train to Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn with the animal to get help from a veterinary clinic.

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