New U.S. citizen Neil Young posts open letter to Donald Trump: ‘You are a disgrace to my country’

Canadian rock legend Neil Young has penned an open letter to U.S. President Donald Trump, calling him a “disgrace to my country.”

The Heart of Gold rocker wasn’t referring to Canada, either.

Nope, only a month after being naturalized as an official U.S. citizen, Young, 74, went on a scathing rant defending his country against its Republican leader on Tuesday via the Neil Young Archives.

In the lengthy letter, the Toronto-born musician criticized Trump, 73, writing, “Your mindless destruction of our shared natural resources, our environment, and our relationships with friends around the world is unforgivable.”

Judging by the direction of the digital outburst, it seems Young was triggered about Trump’s consistent usage of his 1989 rock anthem Rockin’ in the Free World at a number of his campaign rallies.

He continued: “Rockin’ in the Free World is not a song you can trot out at one of your rallies. Perhaps you could have been a bass player and played in a rock and roll band.

“That way,” added Young, “you could have been onstage at a rally every night in front of your fans, if you were any good, and you might be…”

The Crazy Horse frontman later said he hopes that when (or if) Rockin’ in the Free World or any of his other songs are played at a rally, that Trump is haunted by his voice.

“Remember it is the voice of a tax-paying U.S. citizen who does not support you,” said the musician. “Me.”

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