Northumberland Humane Society working to help Port Hope, Ont. goose hooked with fishing lure

An injured goose in Port Hope, Ont. continues to elude officials trying to help the bird.

For the past several days, Northumberland Humane Society volunteers have been trying to assist a goose which has a fishing lure hooked on its thigh near its leg.

Volunteers have been canvassing the area near the Ruth Clarke Activity Centre on Mill Street South near the Ganaraska River since they were first informed of the goose.

Attempts to capture the goose have been unsuccessful so far.

The humane society says they want to remove the lure before the hooked body area becomes infected.

“As yet no capture but we are trying everyday,” the humane society told Global News Peterborough in an email early Monday afternoon. “With its ability to fly and walk, capturing is difficult.”

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