‘Not the same person’ Bizarre conspiracies erupt after Kim Jong-un showcases new look

Kim Jong-un: Doctor's take on weight loss revealed by reporter

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The North Korean leader weighed 140kg in 2019 – but has dropped to around 120kg, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) told lawmakers on Thursday. Now, theories have erupted again with people claiming he is not the same person.

One person, The Cult of Johnson, tweeted: “Apparently big Kim was left in a vegetative state after a botched heart job a year ago and his team were petrified his sister would take over so is this new Kim?”

Richard Gugas added: “Not the same person.

“Earlobes are different.”

Blake added: “Not a chance.

“This isn’t him.

“It’s like spot the difference!”

Twitter user, KG, commented: “People thought he was dead when he was actually just hitting the gym.”

However, any suggestion Kim, 37, is using a body double has been dismissed by the agency, according to Bloomberg.

The reason for his weight loss has also not been attributed to ill health.

NIS used artificial intelligence technology and a super-resolution video in their research.

Kim is believed to be around five feet, eight inches tall (170 centimetres).

His weight loss may instead be the result of an attempt to improve his figure.

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This is not the first time people have claimed the North Korean Supreme leader has been replaced by a body double.

Back in February last year, the Supreme leader vanished for nearly three weeks.

A few months later, he disappeared for 12 days and rumours he had died or was seriously ill following a botched heart operation began to surface.

However, a month later in May, the secretive state released footage showing Kim visiting a newly-opened fertiliser plant, which appeared to quash the health rumours.

But the video didn’t quell all critics, with people speculating that a “body double” of the Supreme leader was used.

However, a month later in May, the secretive state released footage showing Kim visiting a newly-opened fertiliser plant in his country appearing to quash the health rumours.

Bizarre rumours began to emerge the Supreme leader used a “body double” following speculation he had died.

Some people claimed it was not Kim after images emerged three weeks after his disappearance and that he is using a body double.

They insisted the North Korean leader’s features including his nose, ears and hair were not the same.

Human rights activist Jennifer Zeng first pointed out differences and tweeted at the time: “Is the Kim Jong-un appearing on May 1 the real one?”

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