Nurse tells of horror conditions inside ‘The Pit’ where Covid patients go to die

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A travelling nurse assigned to a Covid-19 ward has revealed the "horrific" conditions inside the unit – where patients were sent to die with minimal treatment.

Lawanna Rivers was temporarily working at the University Medical Center in El Paso, Texas, when there was a dramatic surge in coronavirus cases in the area.

She said there was a room in the hospital known as "The Pit" where nurses were instructed to give just three rounds of CPR before the Covid-19 patients died.

In a heartbreaking video posted on November 7, Lawanna details: "I saw a lot of people die that I felt like shouldn’t have died.

"That assignment broke me. I was put in what's called a 'pit', [there] was eight patients. I was told that whatever patients going to the pit, they only come out in a body bag.

"And because they were Covid positive, the hospital policy is that they only get three rounds of CPR, which is only six minutes.

"Out of all the codes that we had there, there’s not a single patient that made it."

She also said nurses working in the room were only allowed to leave when they went to use the bathroom and their 30-minute lunch break.

And patients in that ward were given limited efforts when it came to resuscitation.

"I remember this man bleeding profusely and I remember calling the doctors that was there," Lawanna continues.

"Y'all to have a doctor to tell me 'we don't come in those Covid rooms'. I'm like 'what?'

"Y'all the doctors don't even step foot in those Covid rooms to see those patients."

The nurse worked there for a month and claimed that she never saw a doctor going in that room.

In response to Rivers’ allegations, University Medical Center told local station KVIA-TV in a statement that although they sympathise with the medical professional, they "cannot fully verify the events expressed".

“We empathise and sympathise with the difficult, physical and emotional toll that this pandemic takes on thousands of healthcare workers here and throughout our country,” the statement read.

“This particular travel nurse was at UMC briefly to help El Paso confront the surge of Covid-19 patients."

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