Oblivious surfer glides over deadly shark in jaw-dropping drone footage

A surfer was caught on camera gliding over a deadly shark in heart-pounding drone footage.

Alex Vontevenar was riding the waves just off Ponce Inlet in Florida, US, when he encountered the predator below him on Monday, September 27.

His close encounter with a bull shark was captured by 62-year-old Drew Duncan, who was trying to take a drone video of his son Cole paddling in the same waters.

And wasn't not long until he spotted danger in the water – six to eight sharks ranging from four feet long to nine feet long were seen swimming nearby.

Jaw-dropping footage shot on Drew's drone shows one bull shark swimming against the flow of waves towards the open sea.

When the waves come, Alex surfs along and his surfboard just glides over the shark.

Drew pans his camera across and finds a shark swimming around another surfer who has no idea the predator is nearby and is simply waiting to catch the next wave.

"The waves were small so I thought I’d check for sea life – boom!" the videographer from Daytona Beach said.

"Six to eight sharks from four to eight or nine feet!

"I just did my best to keep the camera steady."

Luckily all the surfers made their way back to the shore safely.

Drew said he was not worried about the safety of the surfing group and added: "The Ponce/New Smyrna Beach inlet is one of the 'shark-iest' places in Florida and perhaps the world.

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"If we had ever been on the sharks menu, nobody would have ever gone near the water.

"We would’ve figured that out when we were Cro-Magnon!"

While perhaps not as feared as great white sharks, bull sharks are considered by many experts to be the most dangerous sharks in the world.

They are known to be aggressive and live near high-population areas like tropical shorelines.

There have been a recorded 121 bull shark attacks on humans, of which 25 were unprovoked and fatal.

Shannon Ainslie was another lucky surfer who survived a double shark attack when he was surfing in South Africa 21 years ago.

He re-watched his jaw-dropping clip back in 2000 and said: "It happened so quickly that I had no idea what was going on."

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