Old World Wines Are Savored in ‘Noble Rot’

In their hefty tome “The Noble Rot Book: Wine From Another Galaxy,” Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew walk a fine line between easygoing but intelligent wine basics for beginners and deep dives into their favorite wineries in Europe. The Noble Rot part — a term that refers to the fungus that can attack grapes and make their juices sweeter — is the name of their cheeky magazine and their London restaurants. Their profiles of the dozens of wineries, winemakers and the bottles that inhabit their wine universe, strictly Old World in France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece and England, are thoughtful, personal and richly informative. It’s a good Burgundy of a wine book, one that deserves savoring.

“The Noble Rot Book: Wine From Another Galaxy” by Dan Keeling and Mark Andrew (Quadrille, $45).

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