Orgies with 25 people are now legal again, Jacina Ardern confirms

Overly-friendly residents of New Zealand are jumping for joy after Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern confirmed that large group orgies can restart, as Covid-19 rules are finally relaxed.

Ms Ardern was asked a very blunt question during a live interview with local television news programme Seven Sharp, where she joked that the introduction of vaccine passports will mean that “Tinder liaisons” can reopen.

Clarifying further, she said: “It's not strictly embedded in the traffic light system but um, it is a given, up to 25 actually, in a red area.”

Co-host Hilary Barry abruptly shut the conversation down after confirming that large loved-up groups can meet again, but the relaxation comes after the country had one of the most stringent set of covid rules in place since the pandemic began.

The rules, which was praised at the start of the pandemic, but quickly turned into some what of a joke for COVID-skeptics due to it's over-bearing nature, will now be replaced with a traffic light system after an outbreak of the Delta variant of the virus.

According to local reports, a green light area has few, if any, restrictions, while an orange light means you'll have to wear a mask and socially distance.

A red light area means there will be a limit on gatherings, including for those with at least two vaccinations. The limit will be up to 25 people – hence the orgy celebrations.

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Despite the so-called outbreak, the country had 102 new cases yesterday, with a seven-day average of 94 cases, although the ministry of health tweeted earlier this morning that 101 cases have been found in Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, Nelson-Marborough and Canterbury, with 61 people in hospital.

Four people are confirmed to be in ICU with the virus.

Although there are no confirmed cases of the Omicron variant in the country, Ms Arden told a press conference yesterday that there is a still a “risk” at the country's borders – which have been closed since the pandemic began.

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