Otter returns phone from pond after tourist drops it in water while filming

A zoo otter has performed an incredible stunt to retrieve a tourist's phone after she accidentally dropped it into a pool inside the enclosure.

The mishap happened at Shanghai Wild Animal Park earlier this month when tourists gathered at the otter enclosure to watch the worker feeding the playful animal.

Video taken by Ms Zhao shows "You Tiao" the otter performing tricks as the zookeeper gives commands on the stage.

At one point, she drops her phone into the water and it captures the moment the otter getting underwater and grabbing the phone.

The shaky camera shows the otter's hair at a close-up angle before it reaches to the land and gives the phone to the zookeeper.

"Please give a round of applause!" the zookeeper says then hands the phone to Ms Zhao.

The relieved tourist, who lives in the Chinese capital Beijing, promised to send a pennant to the Shanghai Wild Animal Park to honour the bright little otter.

True to her word, Ms Zhao sent the award to the staff at the Shanghai zoo last week, honouring You Tiao's quick action.

The pennant means You Tiao is the first animal at the zoo to ever receive an award, according to reports.

Zhao said about the video of the otter saving her phone: "It is so cute. I just want to laugh whenever I see it. I am so happy. I will make a special trip to see that little guy again soon!"

The zoo said that they also rewarded little You Tiao with extra fish due to the animal’s save.

According to reports, the incident has turned the otter into a local celebrity with Chinese netizens dubbing it the ‘Lei Feng Otter’.

Lei Feng was a soldier in the People's Liberation Army who died while on-duty and became a symbol of selflessness, hard work and devotion to China.

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