Pakistan plunged into darkness leaving millions terrified – There’s a lot of fear’

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The nation has experienced a national power grid failure. Government officials have said power failure left millions of people in darkness. Speaking to Sky News a resident from Karachi said: “There is a lot of fear.

“Sometimes just one or two cities lose power but we can’t understand why all of Pakistan has lost power.

“Pakistanis are already scared and now we are without electricity. We are shocked.”

Power Minister Omar Ayub Khan wrote on Twitter: “A countrywide blackout has been caused by a sudden plunge in the frequency in the power transmission system.”

Mr Khan said the power grid was being restored in phases.

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The capital of Islamabad was the first to receive power again.

Mr Khan later announced that power has been restored to much of the country.

The power breakdown was caused after the electrical frequency in the system fell from 50 to zero.

The power outage developed after a fault in frequency levels at the Guddu power plant in Sindh province.

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This happened shortly before midnight on Saturday.

The nation’s power minister has asked people across the country to remain calm.

Another resident, Shakil Ahmed, speaking to Sky News said: “I left my home, thinking only our house had no electricity.

“However, then I saw darkness everywhere.

“I was shocked.

“Businesses are closed, other activities are shut down.”

The current power failure is there worst that Pakistan has ever experienced.

The last major incident was when a transmission cable broke in 2015, this caused around 80 percent of the country to be left without power.

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