Palmerston North Airport closed, flights cancelled, after ‘bomb scare’ threat

Palmerston North Airport is closed until further notice, the airport has confirmed.

All flights in and out have been cancelled. Passengers affected have been offloaded.

Threats have been made at the airport and police say they are assessing the nature of those threats.

Earlier a flight was diverted and other flights due to depart put on hold after a “bomb scare” at the airport this afternoon.

Airport chief executive David Lanham said the incident related to the terminal carpark area.

The entrance to the airport had been blocked and some passengers had been secured inside the terminal, he said.

Other people wanting to enter the airport for flights or to pick up others were waiting on Airport Drive outside the terminal, he said.

“Police are on site and are in control of the scene. We’re really being guided by them at the moment.”

He said police were doing a really good job keeping everyone up to date.

“Everyone is comfortable and safe in the terminal.”

Police would soon sweep through the carpark with bomb sweeping devices, he said.

“We’ve had a couple [flights] land and one has been diverted away. Nothing will be departing until the scene is deemed to be safe.”

A police spokeswoman said officers were responding to a report of a threat being made around 2.16pm.

“Police are working to establish the circumstances surrounding the threat and to speak with those involved.”

– with RNZ

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