Piers Morgan admits ‘unpredictable Trump’ may surprise voters – ‘Never bet against him!’

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Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan spoke to Times Radio and reflected on the upcoming US election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Mr Morgan admitted that, as things stand, Joe Biden is looking like the more likely candidate and there are many reasons why President Trump could fail to win a second Presidential term. However, Mr Morgan also noted it was not impossible for Mr Trump to win and he added the President had been doubted in 2016 as well.

Mr Morgan said: “I have always been careful not to say how I would vote in the US election.

“I didn’t last time with Trump, all I said was I think he is going to win and it was more of a prediction than what I said I wanted.

“I have always said that I wouldn’t vote for Trump because I am not a Republican.

“I am not an American and I don’t have a vote as it is up to Americans.”

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Mr Morgan reiterated that he did not believe Donald Trump would win a second term but he insisted commentators and voters could be in for a shock on the day the President is announced.

He said: “I would say this time I think he has a very small chance of getting re-elected but it is not impossible.

“We know with Trump that he is very unpredictable as a candidate and there are many people who may not show up in the polls who go and vote for him.

“I get a sense that America has gotten a bit tired with the Trump circus.

“I think the pandemic has been such a disaster in America and the death toll has been so spectacularly big and horrendous that I find it hard to believe he will get reelected.

“I find it hard given the state of the economy, the number of people who have died and the general chaos but I have always said never bet against Trump.

“Two weeks in American politics is a long time and I think it is heading towards a Biden victory but we all sort that about Hilary last time.”

Political commentators have also claimed Donald Trump could have a surprise victory due to “secret voters.”

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Commentator Douglas Murray told TalkRadio: “Everyone who wants to vote Joe Biden is very open about it.

“All over the country, you see people having Biden Harris signs outside their homes.

“But what about the Trump voters, in my experience, in both Republican and Democrat areas are very quiet about the fact they want to vote for the President.

“Voting in Trump has been seen as a deplorable thing to do so many people do not wish to admit it openly.”

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