Pitbull puppy rushed to vets after eating bag of cocaine thrown into garden

A one-year-old puppy was left fighting for his life after eating a bag of crack cocaine that had been thrown into his garden.

The pitbull, named Nipsey, was playing in his backyard in Detroit, Michigan, US, when drugs were hurled over the fence as the neighbour’s house was being raided by police.

The unwitting dog strolled over to inspect the cocaine before chewing it and ingesting the substances.

Cops carrying out the raid next door were alerted to the problem by the sound of Nipsey’s barks.

When they entered his garden they discovered the chewed up bag and immediately contacted the Michigan Humane Society for advice and they took him in for treatment.

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Nipsey's owner, Clint Majors, said: "When I came outside and saw him eating dope from the house next door it kind of blew my mind.

"Definitely when you've got animals you really care for them."

The young dog was treated overnight at the Grosfield Veterinary Center and, thankfully, was able to recover.

The Michigan Humane Society (MHS) covered all the costs of Nipsey's treatment and shared a video about the incident on their YouTube channel.

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In the heartwarming footage, the overjoyed pooch was seen being greeted by his owner and the vets after his overnight stay.

He even seems to thank the vets for saving him by jumping up onto one of the vets.

MHS spokesperson Andy Bissonette told CNN: "We dispatched two of our investigators to the home. We then transported Nipsey to our MHS Grosfeld Veterinary Center."

Detroit police spokesman Dan Donakowski said police had not determined who threw the bag of drugs into the yard and no one has been charged in connection with the incident.

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