Police send German family home after catching them on holiday during lockdown

A family-of-five have been sent back to Germany after Welsh police caught them holidaying in the Gower area of Swansea during the fire-break lockdown.

South Wales Police pulled the family over between Llanmorlais and Llanrhidian in Gower at around 4.15pm on Sunday, November 8 after spotting their German number plate on the B4295.

Officers were able to establish the occupants of the vehicle were a family and had travelled over from Germany for a holiday, reports WalesOnline.

The family were issued a fixed penalty notice for breaching Covid-19 regulations and advised to make their way back home to Germany.

It is understood the family were stopped while Wales was still under a fire-break lockdown that was in place across the country until 12.01am on Monday, November 9.

The lockdown rules meant travel into Wales was not allowed “without a reasonable excuse,” which would not have permitted the family to holiday in the country.

At this time it is unclear where the family entered Wales, but England has also implemented lockdown rules which make it against guidelines to travel unless for “legally permitted reasons.”

England has also implemented lockdown rules which make it against lockdown laws to travel in England unless for “legally permitted reasons,” including traveling for work or education.

Legally permitted reasons include, but are not limited to, travel for work, education and medical appointments.

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The fire break lockdown in Wales, which was in place for 17 days, saw police patrolling different locations to check motorists were complying with the restrictions.

Many were found not to be complying with the rules and made up excuses as to why they decided to travel in lockdown

According to WalesOnline, one woman made a 320-mile round trip to visit a horse she owns in Ceredigion.

Restrictions imposed during the fire-break lockdown have now been lifted but there are still restrictions on travelling in and out of Wales under a new set of national measures.

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