Predator teacher, 24, who groped pupil while class watched Disney film jailed

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A teacher who had sex with one of her teenage pupils in a classroom and even groped the boy while other students watched a cartoon has been jailed for almost five years.

Former geography tutor Monica Elizabeth Young, 24, had sex multiple times with the youngster, including at least twice on school grounds and once in her car at a park.

She even FaceTimed him to perform sexual acts on herself and sent him saucy images of her on Snapchat.

The affair began in June last year – just weeks after schools in Australia had reopened following lockdown due to Covid.

The pair had sex several times between June 24 and July 7, 2020.

The court heard how Young manipulated the boy into sleeping with her.

On one occasion, she accused him of "not having the balls" to hug her at school after he refused her advances.

They also texted each other about the sex acts they'd like to perform on each, with the teacher initiating the conversations numerous times.

She also texted him to meet her in her classroom for sex and, in another incident, groped the boy while fellow Year 9 pupils watched the Disney animated film WALL-E. The victim was sitting next to his friend during the incident.

On the last day of school, the pair met to kiss goodbye on a staircase before Young performed oral sex on the child.

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In a separate incident, she drove the pupil to a park in western Sydney before having se in her car.

But the relationship ended on July 7 when the victim's aunt and cousin saw him in Young's car.

His cousin even filmed the boy being dragged from the vehicle before reporting it to the school the following day.

Young would also send him saucy images of herself on Snapchat and perform sex acts on herself during FaceTime sessions with him.

Young, who had previously pleaded guilty to three counts of aggravated sexual intercourse with a minor, was joined by family at New South Wales District Court in Australia ahead of sentencing earlier today, Wednesday.

Jailing her for four years and nine months, Judge Kate Traill said she her crimes were a "violation of trust".

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"[You] exploited his vulnerability and manipulated him," Judge Traill said.

A victim impact statement revealed the boy's relationships with his parents, brother, cousin and his only friend had been wrecked when they learned about his affair with the teacher.

In it, he said he "feels like a failure who let his entire family down" and didn't realise just how serious the abuse was until recently.

"He says the offender has ruined his dreams… ruined his school and his relationship with his family and friends and trust in others and ruined his life," Judge Traill said.

The court was told how the youngster regularly hears his parents arguing and blaming each other for the abuse.

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He also said his brother "hates him for embarrassing him in front of his friends at school" and that he can no longer go on family holidays as a result.

He has been forced to leave the school he loved because fellow pupils found out about the relationship and court case.

"He struggles to smile about anything anymore," the court was told.

Young, who received 10 character references during the case, broke down in tears and apologised for "letting the relationship progress" during a previous hearing.

She added that she had also been sexually assaulted as a child and could understand the victim's trauma.

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Young had "no evidence of a sexual disorder", but had shown signs of borderline personality disorder because of her sensitivity to rejection and attachment issues.

She was also "bullied in high school" and made few meaningful friendships because she reported the abuse she suffered, which led to the offender – a male pupil – being expelled.

"I just never imagined I'd be one of those people… I've never been in trouble with the law. I hope he and his family can forgive me," she told the court.

"I was foolish."

The relationship only ended when the boy's aunt and cousin saw him get in Young's car on July 7.

The victim's cousin even filmed the moment he dragged the boy from the car and reported the pair to the school the next day.

Young told the court: "I knew it was wrong, I knew my actions were inappropriate but I couldn't let myself believe it," she said. "He trusted me and I abused that trust."

"I never thought I'd be behind bars.

"I'm a hardworking woman who is honest, reliable and has integrity… I'll never commit an offence again."

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