Prince Harry’s name left out of Queen’s speech as William and Charles praised

Prince Harry's name was "glaringly" left out of the Queen's speech to the COP26 climate change summit despite her immense praise for Prince William and Prince Charles, a body language expert has claimed.

The monarch urged world leaders to protect the planet "for our children and our children's children" in a speech delivered remotely on Monday evening.

The Queen was supposed to address the summit in person but had to cancel following advice from her doctors, the Express reports.

Although the speech highlighted an extremely important issue, the failure to mention Prince Harry while covering his older brother and father in praise will not go unnoticed, body language expert Judi James claims.

Speaking to, the analyst said: "This is an immensely personal and touching speech from the Queen, who uses it to create a wonderfully loyal and loving tribute to her late husband Philip.

"The Queen speaks not just as a royal leader but as a proud widow, mother and grandmother.

"Her words are stunningly emotional as she speaks of ‘my dear late husband’, quoting a speech he made on the urgency of climate change back in 1969.

"Her pride also spills over as she refers to the way that ‘the leading role my husband played lives on through the work of our eldest son Charles and his eldest son William ’.

"The glaring omission of Harry’s name on this list will probably be discussed but the Queen seems emphatic about the chain of eldest to eldest being remarkable.

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"She even adds ‘I could not be more proud of them’ to make this one of the most emotional public messages ever from the Queen.

"She discusses her own experience of meeting ‘many of the world’s greatest leaders’ and in a flattering nudge to the current leaders watching her speech.

"She describes how she understands ‘a little about what made them special’ describing it as ‘statesmanship’ before urging her audience to ‘achieve true statesmanship’ in a very clever appeal that never lectures or hectors – but which gently flatters them into taking the right action on climate change."

Her speech comes after Charles, 72, addressed the G20 summit in Rome at the weekend talking about the dangers of climate change.

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The future king is also due to speak at the COP26 conference, where he will tell world leaders that a "war-like footing" is needed to change the tide of the climate crisis.

He branded the summit as the planet’s "the last-chance saloon".

While senior royals have descended on the conference in the Queen’s absence, Harry and Meghan have barely been mentioned.

The Sussexes have been vocally championing climate change causes from their base in America.

In May, father-of-two Harry claimed the fallout from using fossil fuels is one of the two “most pressing issues” facing the world.

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