Princess Diana regarded Charles and Camilla as ‘soulmates’ says royal author

A royal author has said Princess Diana came to regard Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles as "soulmates".

Christopher Andersen, author of Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan, discussed The Princess of Wales on the Royally US podcast on December 8.

He says although Charles' affair caused "pain and craziness", Diana came to understand it and wanted her own children to find true love.

In the podcast Christina Garibaldi, a royal commentator, says: "I noticed in the book you had some interesting insights on Diana's mindset at the time of her death regarding Charles and Camilla."

Mr Anderson replies: "Oh, yes, I think finally she'd come to the conclusion that they had a great love affair you know.

"She had to admit that these were the two people who were in fact meant for each other.

"After all the pain and the craziness created by the Camilla and Charles's affair, in a sense, it's kind of destroyed Diana.

The royal author, who also penned The Day Diana Died, continues: "But you know, she would say that William and Harry are my 'revenge', and by that what she meant was that they were both to lead the monarchy into the future.

"She absolutely would not have liked Harry turning his back on his birthright so that he can sign deals with Netflix, that's my personal view."

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