‘Psychotic’ seagulls causing terror by dive-bombing dogwalkers and stealing food

'Psychotic' seagulls are getting "bigger and more brazen" as barmy bird-lovers refuse to stop feeding the crazy chip-stealers.

Scousers say the dive-bombing menaces have left Liverpool looking like Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds with 30-strong gangs surrounding children.

The swooping squawkers are feared to have followed holidaymakers from Cornwall to set up new "pterodactseagull" colonies in the city.

There are now calls for hawks to be brought in to end the seagull siege as bird-lovers refuse to stop feeding the avaricious avians, writes the Liverpool Echo.

It comes after one of the winged screamers brutally attacked a bald dogwalker from behind and left him with three head wounds – with the street now dubbed "a no go" area.

Natalie said her dad was walking his new puppy when he was bombarded by the gull, who 'swooped' down on him from a lamppost.

She said: "He ducked down to avoid it and just carried on walking and then the next thing he's just felt it smack the back of his head.

"Obviously it had gone up, turned back around and then hit him from behind."

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Phil Owens said the bolshy birds were "getting bolder", adding: "Earlier this year I saw a seagull kill a pigeon in Williamson Square and start eating it."

John Bradley begged people to stop feeding the "psychotic" birds, saying: "Upper Fredrick Street has an equally psychotic bird, I saw one trying to eat a pigeon in Derby Square, seen them steal food from peoples hands outside Lord Street McDonald's.

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"Still, people feed them and the pigeons we need a lot of gull proofing in the city."

Mandy Doyle Fitzgerald said on Facebook: "They make Alfred Hitchcocks 'The Birds' look like Cinderella's helpful little sparrows!!!"

Liverpudlian Julianne Forster reported: "My husband got attacked by one today on the docks it took his full lunch and slapped him one they're evil."

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Sheila O'Driscoll called for a gull cull saying: "Seagulls are scared of Hawks! Council need to settle a few in town centre."

RSPB and RSPCA experts have warned that feeding gulls could lead to attacks and cause them health problems as they are not evolved to eat human food.

But one local fancier leaped to their defense, saying they were no worse than dogs and urging others to feed them too.

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Karen Thomas said: "I’ve fed gull for a few years now, my mate Sid waits for me every morning, calling me. It’s taken 12 months to gain his trust.

"Treat them like you would like to be treated yourself.

"I’d be more concerned about those aggressive dogs not on leads than a gull. Never heard of any human dying because of a gull. Be kind to them, they’ll thank you."

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