Purr-fect timing: Kitten survives daring rush-hour Auckland motorway four-lane dash

A kitten has survived unscathed after crossing four lanes of Auckland’s Southern Motorway during last night’s rush hour.

Auckland City District Police have posted a picture of the gorgeous ball of fluff safely in a bag held by Senior Constable Robert Campbell who came to its rescue after it was spotted on the motorway near Grafton shortly after 6pm.

Here’s the purrrfect good new story to brighten your Wednesday morning. Last night, our Motorway Patrol staff were…

At the time it was feared the baby feline, which appeared to be abandoned, could have easily caused an crash on the busy stretch of highway known as Spaghetti Junction. A police motorcycle officer was sent to try and rescue the animal from its perilous situation.

Once captured the kitten, who was a little shy,made itself at home in the bag normally used to house the officer’s speed detector.

The rescued kitten was taken to the nearest police station for water and to the SPCA for a check.

And the kitten’s luck didn’t stop there, with the grey tabby finding a place in the officer’s heart.

“Quite smitten with the kitten, Rob decided to give the ball of a fluff a new loving home with his family,” said the police.

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