Putin ‘turning to former Wagner soldiers’ in desperate bid to boost troops

Burkina Faso civilians hold pro-Wagner rally near Niger border

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has recently disclosed that Russia’s Ministry of Defence is in the process of recruiting former members of the Wagner Group for its affiliated private military companies (PMCs).

The move coincides with ongoing discussions regarding the potential inclusion of Wagner units within the Russian National Guard (Rosgvardia).

The ISW’s findings are based on information from a reputable Russian military blogger, who suggests that individuals who previously disassociated themselves from the Wagner Group following the failed rebellion led by founder Andrey Troshev are now joining MoD-affiliated PMCs named “Redut” and “Volunteer Corps”.

According to the blogger, these former Wagner troops have begun deploying to the Bakhmut region of Ukraine, a significant location in the history of the Wagner Group.

Additionally, the ISW report highlights the blogger’s claims that Andrey Troshev is actively seeking to recruit Wagner personnel currently deployed in Belarus, Africa, and the Middle East for positions within MoD-affiliated PMCs.

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“The milblogger claimed that Troshev is trying to recruit Wagner personnel who are currently operating in Belarus, Africa, and the Middle East for Russian MoD-affiliated PMCs,” the ISW wrote.

Concerning the Wagner Group itself, the blogger identifies Anton Yelizarov as its new leader.

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Yelizarov is reportedly engaged in discussions with the Rosgvardia about integrating Wagner units into the national guard.

However, negotiations appear to have encountered challenges related to contract terms, as noted by the blogger.

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