Putin’s body double mystery finally solved as expert highlights tiny detail

A self-proclaimed super recogniser says Vladimir Putin is not using a body double, despite multiple rumours he is cowering from public appearances.

Simone Malik has rubbished claims Mad Vlad is using a doppelganger based on a tiny detail on his ear.

Malik, from Bradford, says her analysis of "key areas" of Putin's face, including his nose, ears and lips make it "almost certain" he is not using a body double.

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Commentators have noticed subtle changes in the Russian President's appearance over recent years with the despot looking rounder and puffier.

But Malik puts this down to "natural ageing or an underlying health condition."

"There's rumours going around that he's been using a body double or he's dead," she said.

"But based on some key elements, I don't think a body double has been used. I recognise a crease on his ear and the very distinct slant in his lip.

"With his lips, you can see even in his younger days his lips slant on the left side – when he smiles you can see his face dips to one side. It's an area that's gotten worse with age but it's still there.

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"He's also got the same slope in his nose from his side profile. Every angle of his face compared with the younger Putin matches up."

Simone, a former NHS worker, is a self-proclaimed super recogniser, which its supporters say is a special skill which can’t be taught.

The skill even has a society dedicated to the strange talent, called the Agency Super Recognisers International.

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“The average person can only remember a very limited amount of faces they have seen, but Super Recognisers can successfully identify significantly more," the organisation says.

Simone first discovered her skill while watching a Pakistani TV programme, similar to Crimestoppers where she sketched a photo of a man wanted for a series of violent crimes based purely off of a description.

She posted the sketch online where it quickly went viral, before police ended up using it to eventually track down the criminal.


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