Putin’s own henchmen turn on him over ‘cruel’ sledgehammer execution video

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    Evil Vladimir Putin has seen his own henchmen turn on him because his “lawlessness and cruelty” has gone too far with the release of a bloody sledgehammer execution video.

    The horrifying clip, released by the Russian President’s pals in the blood-thirsty Wagner Group, has reportedly proved too graphic even for the Kremlin’s own security services.

    It shows an ISIS-style execution with a man’s head tied to a block of cement before a thug in camouflage uniform repeatedly smashes a sledgehammer into his skull.

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    Dissent amongst the security services group, who have been investigated themselves for horrific abuses, has seen floods of calls to human rights activists Gulagu.net asking for help to flee Russia.

    They reported on their website: “The reprisal with the use of a sledgehammer and the cruelty of Wagner Group founder Yevgeny Prigozhin, with the tacit consent of Putin, had an unexpected effect…

    “For the third day, there is a steady stream of messages to the Gulagu.net hotline from employees of the Interior Ministry, the Investigative Committee, the FSB and the Federal Protective Service, and the Federal Bailiff Service, who want to leave the territory of lawlessness and cruelty.”

    Despite calls from within Russia for officials to investigate the Wagner Group over the morbid clip, Kremlin officials have insisted it is not their business.

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    But the group is rumoured to be working on behalf of tyrant Putin and had been for some time before he ordered the invasion of Ukraine, although he has never admitted to it.

    It is modelled on private armies like American military contractors Blackwater, or South Africa-based Executive Outcomes.

    But while those companies are willing to sell their services to the highest bidder, the Wagner Group works for just one client – Putin.

    Unfortunately for the former-KGB officer dictator, the security services aren’t the only ones looking to abandon their leader.

    Others include powerful oligarchs and even officials inside the Kremlin.

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